A$AP Rocky: Rap is the new wrestling

A$AP Rocky has confessed that he believes rappers now get famous just by calling themselves a "weird" name and doing something "crazy".

A$AP Rocky thinks "rap is the new wrestling".

The 26-year-old music star believes rappers can now get famous by calling themselves a "weird" name and doing something "crazy", just like the larger-than-life grapplers people see on TV in WWE.

A$AP said: "Rap is the new wrestling. Make up a weird ass name and come out saying some outlandish, crazy, dumb s**t and everyone will pay attention to you."

As a hip hop artist who's also well-respected in the fashion industry, the 'Wild For The Night' performer added that Kanye West was a big inspiration for him, and "paved the way" for artists like himself.

Speaking to W magazine, A$AP said: "Kanye had a rough time in the fashion industry, and it's all starting to pay off. He and Pharrell paved the way for artists like myself.

"I would be full of s**t if I didn't say when I was 16 I wasn't inspired by Kanye West, but now I'm inspired by me and Earl (Sweatshirt), Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown, all these guys."

The rapper-turned-actor is about to star alongside Zoe Kravitz in 'Dope', a comedy about hip-hop, and, for this reason, also cites Mos Def - who starred in 'The Italian Job' - as a key influence.

A$AP said:"He can rap his ass off and he's an incredible actor."

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