Alec Baldwin mocks celebrities

Alec Baldwin made the audience at the Fragrance Foundation Awards laugh when he poked fun at the likes of Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian West.

Alec Baldwin mocks celebrities

Alec Baldwin mocked Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian West when he hosted the Fragrance Foundation Awards on Tuesday (07.06.16).

The '30 Rock' actor had the audience at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Centre, New York in fits of laughter with a string of jibes at a number of famous names.

He poked fun at Leonardo's frequent dates with models when he noticed Michael Clinton was in attendance.

He said of the well-travelled Hearst executive: "He's been in and out of more countries than Leonardo ­DiCaprio has been in and out of Victoria's Secret models."

And, as it was a fragrance event, Alec also mocked Kim's self-titled perfume.

He said: "It's the only Armenian fragrance that isn't found on the dashboard of a taxi cab...

"The top half of the bottle is beautiful. The bottom half looks like a mailbox. People keep stuffing envelopes in there. When you spray it, the smell does nothing, but it's still very rich."

Rihanna - who was nominated for Best Celebrity Fragrance - is known for her skimpy outfits and raunchy Instagram posts, inspiring the 58-year-old comic's joke at her expense.

He said of her fragrance: "A lot of time and patience went into making this perfume, because it's the only thing she actually wears."

Alec is a popular attendee at glamorous events and he sparked laughter at the Coalition for the Homeless' Artwalk benefit in November when he tried to auction off his friend Richard Gere for $50,000.

After CEO Mary Brosnahan told the crowd they were lucky to have Richard, who many want to "press their bodies against" in attendance, Alec took things once step further.

A source said: "Gere stood up and turned to the audience as if to say, 'Come and get it, ladies. Alec Baldwin jumped onstage and started auctioning him off, saying, 'Going for $50,000' and, 'Don't you want to press your body against the star of American Gigolo?' But, it was just a joke, sadly."

However, Alec's theatrics helped to increase the money raised on the night.

The insider explained: "It helped the bidding, but I don't think anyone took Richard home."

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