Alison Mosshart frames speeding tickets

Alison Mosshart frames all of her speeding tickets because she likes to "make light" of her indiscretions.

Alison Mosshart frames speeding tickets

Alison Mosshart frames all of her speeding tickets.

The Kills rocker loves the thrill of driving super fast and admitted she has broken the law by speeding more than once.

Asked when she last broke the law, she said: "Last night. Just speeding. I drove home from a restaurant at 100mph and it felt really good because there was no one on the road.

"I frame all my speeding tickets because I think you have to make light of these things."

The 37-year-old musician was previously involved in a "super-scary" car accident, but it wasn't due to her speeding - she was enjoying listening to the music she and bandmate Jamie Hince had made so much, she drove the wrong way.

She told Q magazine: "I had a really big crash when I was about 20 years old. It was in my hometown in Florida and my dad had lent me his car.

"I was driving around listening to these demos that Jamie and I had made, you know, really rocking out in the car, and I turned down a one-way road the wrong way and suddenly drove into six lanes of oncoming traffic.

"I hit this Cadillac and as I spun round it, I smashed every side of it and ended up in the front yard of a flower shop.

"I totalled both cars and it was super-scary but, amazingly, no one was hurt, luckily."

Meanwhile, Alison is currently nursing a knee injury after drunkenly convincing herself she had martial arts skills during her mother's recent 70th birthday party.

She said: "I decided at three in the morning that I knew how to do Ju-Jitsu and I don't. I'd been drinking out of a tequila bottle straight and thought I was a superhero.

"I fell really hard on a brick porch and sprained my knee so I've been limping ever since."

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