Anastacia strives to stay cancer-free

'I'm Outta Love' singer Anastacia revealed she is focused on everything she can "humanly possibly do" to stay cancer-free.

Anastacia strives to stay cancer-free

Anastacia does everything she can "humanly possibly do" to stop cancer returning for a third time.

The 47-year-old star discovered she had the disease in 2003 and then again in 2013, but recovered that same year after undergoing a double mastectomy to have both of her breasts removed.

The harrowing experience has changed her life and she now does anything in her power to stop the cancer from coming back a third time.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I eat healthily and I don't drink alcohol either and I can say the lifestyle changes I have made are to try and stay healthier. But there's no guarantee that it keeps you healthier. It makes you look good and it makes you feel good. But will it stop me from getting cancer again? There's no guarantee. It's just I'm trying to do anything that I can humanly possibly do.

"It does make you feel better about if you get it again, maybe you don't put any blame on yourself."

The star is glowing with health and isn't slowing down, as she prepares for her Ultimate Collection Tour in Europe next month.

And the 'I'm Outta Love' singer takes a philosophical approach to her health and is committed to dealing with stressful situations head on and keeping "faith" no matter what happens.

She continued: "I was always the same person before the problems. Kind of more optimistic, and very faithful you know in my thinking, never lost faith no matter what happens and no matter what will happen...

"I think with breast cancer these days or cancer in general there's this environment and stress related situations making you be a victim, and we kind of can't stop eating or dealing with life scenarios that are stressful. So it's just trying to process them better."

Anastacia is set to take her Ultimate Collection Tour in support of her new album across Europe next month and fans will be able to choose the songs she sings via her new app SecondScreen.

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