Ansel Elgort's basketball triumph over Adam Sandler

Ansel Elgort has revealed he beat Adam Sandler at basketball but admitted he went easy on the 48-year-old actor because he was worried about "destroying" him.

Ansel Elgort
Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort "went easy" on Adam Sandler when he beat him at basketball because he didn't want to "destroy" him.

The 'Fault In Our Stars' actor - who appeared alongside the 48-year-old star in 'Men, Women & Children' - initially lost a game against Adam but when the pair played again he "kicked his ass" to get some revenge.

He said: "It's important to be good with both hands, I went hard at him right away, before realising he's Adam Sandler, not just a guy, and I probably shouldn't destroy him.

"Then he got in a rhythm and beat me. When we played again, I kicked his ass."

The 20-year-old actor - who was the starting centre for his high school basketball team - also admitted he is keen to take on 'The Wedding Ringer' star Kevin Hart at the sport.

Speaking about an NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, which he will appear at later this month, he said: "I've been training, doing plyometrics, working on my legs.

"I want to dunk on Kevin Hart."

Meanwhile, the 'Divergent' star admitted he is using his fame and success to help him secure valuable assets for the future.

He told Details magazine: "That's one reason I want to buy a house now, so I can have my place and not worry about money. Then I can do plays. Do Broadway. Make whatever movie I want and not feel like, 'Well, I have to pay a mortgage and take this job and that job.'

"The minute you start thinking, 'I don't want to do that, but it'll make me money,' is when you start f***ing yourself.

"I don't want money to ever drive my career. I want my career to be driven by what I want to do in art."

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