Azealia Banks takes on beauty racism

Azealia Banks has complained about the amount of racism towards black women in the beauty industry.

Azealia Banks takes on beauty racism

Azealia Banks is furious at the amount of racism in the beauty industry.

The 24-year-old pop star is famous for her expletive-ridden Twitter rants and certainly didn't hold back with her lengthy posts on Wednesday (09.12.15), insisting that black women's beautifying processes are not an indication of some underlying self-loathing as is sometimes implied.

Azealia tweeted: "Black women's beauty is a whole other ball game.

"It's also sickening that when it comes to beauty and fashion that black women get shamed for having a blond wig or nose-job.

"But white women can pump up their lips/asses, spray tan their lives away and no one is accusing them of self-hate ... (sic)."

The 'Chasing Time' singer then continued her posts to further complain about the shaming of black women for daring to use any beauty product other than shea butter or Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion - used to smooth out hair.

She added: "It's sickening how much shaming black women receive for wanting to do anything that doesn't involve pink lotion and shea butter. Damn.

"Yes I relax my hair ... no It doesn't mean I hate my hair ... Yes I bleach my knees/hands ... No it doesn't mean I hate myself LOL (sic)."

Azealia then changed her tone entirely and told her fans how she had been keeping herself happy over the past few days.

Using the hash tag "#ilovemyself", she wrote: "#ilovemyself the most when I remember to pour myself some ice water before I go to sleep and wake up mad parched and its on my nightstand!"

Controversially, Azealia also discussed her love of marijuana by adding: "#ilovemyself the most when I didn't smoke the whole joint and the other half is just sitting at home ready for me when I get there."

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