Bare-breasted nun advert causes outrage

Rosso di Sera has erected a billboard advert that features a bare-breasted nun, angering locals in the process.

The image has created outrage
The image has created outrage

Police are investigating a clothing line for blasphemy after erecting a billboard with a bare-breasted nun on it.

Rosso di Sera is responsible for the nine metre-high advert, which has been put up in Naples, Italy prior to a visit from Pope Francis.

One outraged local man, Matteo Mancini, said: "I don't really think it's a coincidence that they put this up just when we are expecting the Pope to visit us on March 21st.

"They are obviously hoping to cash in with the image and don't care about offending people who live here, people who are visiting and of course the Pope himself."

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