Battlefield Hardline: Live offers 'immersive experience'

'Battlefield Hardline: Live' offers video game fans a truly immersive experience, according to its creators.

Battlefield Hardline: Live
Battlefield Hardline: Live

Video game players are being offered the chance to step into a game.

Electronic Arts - the publishers of 'Battlefield Hardline' - has teamed up with theatre company differencEngine to create an immersive experience, where, for the first time ever, players will be able to pull off a robbery and win £10,000 in real cash.

Teams are able to travel to an underground location, where they have to try to escape away with the 'bounty' - all under the watchful eyes of guards and security cameras.

The experience is open from March 18th - 25th and prospective players are able to apply for a place via the Battlefield Hardline: Live website (

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