Brilliant bad-ass Mick Jagger

Olivia Wilde has praised Sir Mick Jagger as a "brilliant bad-ass" and says she can't believe she gets to work with him on new TV show 'Vinyl'.

Brilliant bad-ass Mick Jagger

Olivia Wilde has praised Sir Mick Jagger as a "brilliant bad-ass".

The 31-year-old actress stars in 'Vinyl', which is executive produced by the Rolling Stones rocker, and revealed he has been her idol since she was 10 years old.

She told "All of this seems slightly dream-like. It feels so perfectly catered to my own personal dreams and fantasies and taste. Mick Jagger has been an idol of mine since I was 10 years old. Through his music, he has taught me so much about rock 'n' roll, but also about the blues and about the experience of live music, going to several Rolling Stones shows, growing up. I also went with my folks, which was a bonding experience.

"So, he holds a significant place in my psyche, as well as being not only a music icon and someone who's inspired me through music, but also through fashion and his persona, just being a brilliant bad-ass."

Olivia also revealed that she finds Mick fascinating for his business sense as well as his skills as a musician.

She added: "I always thought he was so interesting, being an economist, as well as a rock star. He's just a fascinating guy. Knowing he was also a producer, before this project came along, it fascinated me. Mick Jagger has produced some great films and brought us stories about the music industry that have changed the way we think about how music is made. I never thought I would actually call him my boss, let alone meet Mick Jagger or have any reason to say my name in the same sentence as his."

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