Britain's Prince Harry calls Queen 'granny'

Britain's Prince Harry has revealed he calls Queen Elizabeth "granny", but refers to her as "the Queen" when in the army because she is effectively his "boss".

Britain's Prince Harry calls Queen Elizabeth "granny".

The young royal - who is currently on a tour of New Zealand - took questions from school children during a trip to Stewart Island, with one youngster asking how he refers to his grandmother.

He revealed: "I call her Granny, but I refer to her as the Queen because I'm in the army and she's my boss."

The 30-year-old prince also took other peculiar questions from the 24 children at Halfmoon Bay School - located 30 kilometres south of South Island - including what his favourite meal is.

He replied: "Spaghetti Bolognese. Is that a good answer?"

However, other kids were more interested in his profession as a military helicopter pilot, with one child questioning him on what his favourite thing about the job is.

He answered: "You have a moving office... There's only two of you in the office and no one else can bother you."

Elsewhere during his stay in New Zealand, the prince has enjoyed a pub quiz trivia night, and also come face to face with a 118-year-old reptile.

The prince met the endemic creature - who is coincidentally named Henry, Harry's birth name - at Invercargill Airport, as he continued his journey to Stewart Island.

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