Calvin Harris: Rihanna thought I was strange

Calvin Harris has confessed Rihanna thought he was "kind of funny" and "strange" when the pair first met in 2011.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris

Rihanna thought Calvin Harris was "strange".

According to the 31-year-old DJ, the 'Rude Boy' singer saw him as a "kind of funny" guy making "cool" music when he joined her as a DJ support act on her 'Loud' tour in 2011.

He said: "She thought I was this kind of funny, this strange guy making cool music, or I guess what she thought was cool."

Calvin - who went on to produce the hit single 'We Found Love' with Rihanna later that year - was in awe of the star and couldn't believe it when she approached him to discuss a collaboration.

He said: "I'd never been around someone who was doing those shows so big, such a huge iconic presence. I kept my head down. Then I saw her at the last show and she told me she wanted to do a song like the one I was playing."

The 'Summer' hitmaker added that when the 27-year-old beauty agreed to credit his name on the record, it was a "mad dream come true".

He told The Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: "I was like, 'Look, this is my song. I've done everything. Would you consider putting my name on it?' And she did. Which is very gracious of her.

"It was just a mad dream come true. It made the sort of impact I hadn't even thought could be possible. It was crazy."

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