Carly Rae Jepsen: It's surreal having a boyfriend with my lifestyle

Carly Rae Jepsen appreciates having a "distance" relationship, but wishes she could experience the "real-life" aspect of being with someone.

Carly Rae Jepsen: It's surreal having a boyfriend with my lifestyle

Carly Rae Jepsen finds her "distance" relationship "surreal".

The 'Call Me Maybe' singer - who is dating photographer David Kalani Larkins - admits she's missed out on the everyday aspect of being with her partner as a result of her "intense" touring schedule, but enjoys expressing her relationship fantasies in her lyrics.

Carly, 30, explained: "The lifestyle that I have, it's a little bit surreal to have a relationship in this world. My boyfriend, who directed the 'Run Away With Me' video, flew into New York for a day-and-a-half for this, and I'll be doing a show both of those days. It's really intense, and it's really sporadic. I think a lot of the real-life stuff - six years of being next to each other while you brush your teeth, leaving dirty towels not the floor - I haven't really experienced. I'm very youthful in the fact that my relationships have always been very distance and very glorified, so I think that comes out in my writing."

The 'Boy Problems' hitmaker - who is currently on a tour of North America and Canada - likes to write about her "fairy-tale" expectations of a relationship because that's a time when she can "play" with reality.

She told Stereogum: "It's very fantasy-based and fairy-tale ish because that's the part of my life that I'm lucky enough to play with. Or maybe I'm not lucky... I don't know. Depends on your opinion."

Meanwhile, Carly says writing songs whilst on the road is therapeutic.

She said: "It's something that I find a relief from and joy in. if things are hectic in my life with business or the politics of everything, writing can make me forget it all. It's always been my pacifier."

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