Carrie Fisher wants dog's tongue pierced

Carrie Fisher can't believe how much attention her dog Gary gets and says he is so popular, it's like walking around with Elvis Presley.

Carrie Fisher wants dog's tongue pierced

Carrie Fisher wants to get her dog's tongue pierced.

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' actress is nearly always accompanied by her canine companion Gary whenever she attends red carpet events and interviews and admitted the pooch - who is usually pictured with his tongue hanging out and has his own Instagram account - is like "Elvis" because he attracts so much attention.

She said: "I want to get his tongue pierced. It's like wandering around with Elvis.

"I've gotten so much attention with it that it seemed like the most natural, ridiculous move -- if there could be a combination like that -- to put him on the Internet."

The 59-year-old actress also admitted she feels guilty that Gary has developed "attachment anxiety" and can't bear to be parted from her.

According to, she told reporters at a luncheon at the Cannes Film Festival: "He hates being away from me. That's just sort of attachment anxiety. I feel bad having developed as a person who has that."

Gary has over 16,000 Instagram followers and Carrie claims the attention has turned him into a demanding diva.

She said: "He's changed. 'Get me this, get me that.' 'No, I'm not going to sleep.'

"Actually, he is s***ty about eating food, 'No, I don't want sausage, I want bacon.'"

And on a recent panel, he refused to sit down unless he was brought a pillow, much to his famous owner's embarrassment.

She said: "You can understand it because those wooden seats are very uncomfortable, but it's embarrassing.

"And he didn't even like the pillow. It was a little high for him and I knew that was going to happen."

Despite her devotion to Gary, Carrie admitted she feels "a little stupid" always having him with her.

She said: I'm beginning to feel a little stupid about this -- it's not difficult for me to get to feeling a little stupid -- but I never thought that I'd be on of those women who'd have a dog attached to her hip, but here I am!"

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