Chelsea Handler: '50 Cent romance was a flash in the pan'

Chelsea Handler says her relationship with 50 Cent was not serious and it was just a "flash in the pan".

Chelsea Handler: '50 Cent romance was a flash in the pan'

Chelsea Handler says her romance with 50 Cent was just a "flash in the pan".

The chat show host briefly dated the 40-year-old rapper six years ago and although they are still friendly, she insisted that the relationship was never serious.

Asked if she was in love with him, Chelsea, 41, replied: "No. He's not anything you'd imagine, but that was just a flash in the pan."

Meanwhile, Chelsea - who has launched her own chat show on Netflix after quitting her E! programme 'Chelsea Lately' because she was bored of it - admitted she loves the finer things in life and would have married a wealthy man if she hadn't found her own success.

She told The Sunday Times magazine: "If this didn't work out, I'd have to marry someone really wealthy. I've always wanted nice things, and I never want to fly economy again. Ever! And I need to be working to do that and doing something that's compelling. I don't have a lot of skill sets, so I have to try and be really good at the only thing I can do."

However, she is grateful that she is "independent" because she doesn't want to rely on anyone.

She explained: "I'm independent and I always wanted to be. That was important to me because both my parents were hot messes. They loved each other, but they had no financial security and it was constantly, 'Don't answer the phone, it might be a bill collector.' We weren't poor, but you never knew what was going to happen.

"Marriage is something everyone can talk about. I never had the desire to be married and I've never been interested in that kind of construct."

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