Chris Brown hires security team

'Loyal' hitmaker Chris Brown has hired five more bodyguards in order to keep him and his crew out of trouble during his 'One Hell Of A Nite' tour.

Chris Brown hires security team

Chris Brown has hired five more bodyguards.

The 'Loyal' hitmaker has reportedly increased his security team to ensure nothing happens on his 'One Hell Of A Nite' tour that could be used against him by Nia Guzman, when he attends court in two weeks to fight her for joint custody of their daughter Royalty.

And the 26-year-old singer wants one guard to look after his money and jewellery at all times, whilst he has also reportedly stipulated that no one will be allowed to come backstage without his permission.

And he's so worried about giving a good impression that he has told all the dancers and crew that they will be sent home if they don't act appropriately, gossip website TMZ reports.

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed that Chris had laid down some new tour bus rules when he was joined on the road by his little girl.

He requested his friends do not smoke, drink or swear whilst on the bus and banned any of them from bringing groupies on board.

He also told them he would be playing Disney movies through the loudspeaker for Royalty's enjoyment.

The star has been met with a lot of bad luck recently after his Los Angeles home was burgled by armed men and five people suffered injuries when a gunman opened fire at one of his nightclub appearances.

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