Chris Evans and Jenny Slate's chemistry

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate had "chemistry" on the 'Gifted' set and were "always talking and laughing" together.

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate's chemistry

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate had "chemistry" on the 'Gifted' set.

It was recently revealed that the pair - who co-star in the drama about a man and his mother's battle over the custody of his niece - have recently started dating and on-set sources revealed they struck up a friendship while working on the movie.

A source told PEOPLE: "It was obvious they had chemistry and were really into each other.

"They were always talking and laughing on the set. You could tell they were great friends and just had a lot of fun together. They would hang out with the crew during takes and just be joking around.

"When she was on set filming they were always together. They would go eat at craft services together, take walks together."

While Chris and Jenny, both 34, bonded on the set of 'Gifted', they only started dating following Jenny's recent split from Dean Fleischer-Camp, her husband of four years.

Before they started dating the duo appeared on close pal Anna Faris' podcast, 'Anna Faris Is Unqualified', where Chris spoke about his ideal woman.

Asked by Anna if he'd prefer a woman to send him a picture of her boobs, bottom or face, he replied: "I'm way, way, way more of an ass man, clearly more of an ass man. Just so everyone knows. I like butts. [So] I guess a butt pic."

And he admitted he's easily put off if the woman bombards his with text messages immediately after they've met.

He said: "I would probably ask for her number at first. But let's say we met at 10, and I left the bar at 11 and I sent her a text at 11:30 saying, 'Hey, it was great to meet you.' And she responds, 'Yeah, you too.' And at 3 a.m. there's another text [from her], right away it's a little bit of a bummer."

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