Chris Evans asks Marvel bosses to be more sympathetic

'Captain America' actor Chris Evans has called on Marvel bosses to be more sympathetic about the pressure of muscle gain.

Chris Evans thinks Marvel bosses "need to sympathise" with the pressure of muscle gain.

The 'Captain America' actor confessed that a "body can only take so much" and in Hollywood, it's tough to achieve the ultra buff body that Marvel producers desire when a body may not naturally become that big.

The 33-year-old star revealed: "One of the things I've always said to the higher-ups at Marvel, is they have to sympathise with the fact that we're all trying to put on as much muscle as we possibly can, but these suits are so counterproductive."

What's more, Chris revealed the specific problems with trying to maintain his physique.

He told Gay Times magazine: "Once you start filming you're only losing weight. It's so hard to maintain your size, that's why you try and get as big as you possibly can prior to filming because by the time you finish shooting you're gonna be about ten pounds lighter.

"The second we've finished filming I don't even think about the gym for months. I'm actually just getting back into it right now. I started picking up some weights around February. It takes about three months to get back where you were."

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