Chris Evans' 'terrifying' Marvel role

Chris Evans has admitted he was initially "terrified" about playing Captain America in the Marvel series.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Chris Evans was "terrified" about playing Captain America.

The 33-year-old actor - who stars as the superhero in the Marvel series - has admitted it took him three films to settle into the character.

When asked how comfortable he felt in the role, he said: "Very comfortable. You know, the first movie you're terrified.

"The second one you're just, intimidated because there's so many great people but by 'Winter Soldier' is when you really start kind of hitting your stride and feeling like you're making some core progress with the character and you get a little more comfortable speaking up when you have opinions."

Chris, though, found it a little trickier to handpick his favourite Avenger.

When asked who was his preferred Avenger, he told "That's so tough. I'd put myself kind of at the bottom of the list honestly. As a man... I'd take Steve Rogers. As an avenger, come on, I don't know.

"I really think Thor is pretty cool. I really like Iron Man just 'cause, you know, I can't get enough of [Robert Downey Jr.]. Every single line he gives is so good. It's really crazy watching him work if you ever get a chance. You're just like God, I can see why this guy gave birth to this - we wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for Downey and what he did with the first Iron Man."

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