Cinemagoers offered dating advice ahead of Valentine's Day

Empire Cinemas has offered dating advice to cinemagoers ahead of Valentine's Day on Saturday (14.02.15).

Valentine's Day is appraoching
Valentine's Day is appraoching

Cinemagoers have been reminded to "shower and keep it relaxed" this Valentine's Day.

Empire Cinemas has offered advice on cinema dating etiquette ahead of the big day on Saturday (14.02.15), and good presentation has been listed as a priority.

The company advised: "Look too scruffy and your date will think you're not bothered about meeting them. Show up in a ball gown and you'll look mad.

"Brush your teeth, shower and keep it relaxed but confident."

Empire also stressed the need to show up on time, saying: "Just do. It's so rude. It suggests no respect for your date's time if you're 25 minutes late, blurting out apologies about your boss and the train.

"Plus you'll miss the trailers. Everyone loves trailers."

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