Clémence Poésy reveals her hatred of social media

'Harry Potter' actress Clémence Poésy has revealed she hates social media.

Clémence Poésy reveals her hatred of social media

Clémence Poésy hates social media.

The 'Harry Potter' actress thinks sites such as Instagram and Twitter are incredibly "self-centred" and are having a negative impact on society.

She said: "Selfies will kill us. I really didn't want to join but there was a fake account that people started believing was mine.

"I only post covers of books, posters for films and sometimes music.

"I try not to use it as a tool for endless self-promotion.

"I think it's going to change our brains, but not for the better. That kind of self-centred thing - how did we go from people inviting us round to show us their holiday albums, and thinking that was the most boring way to spend an evening, to this?"

The 33-year-old beauty spent much of her younger years without a television at home and when her parents finally "caved in" and bought one, they told their children it would only work for watching videos on.

She told InStyle: "My parents took me and my sister to watch a lot of films and to the theatre.

"At some point they caved in and got something that could play tapes and films and pretended that the TV part didn't work.

"We bought it until we caught my dad watching tennis."

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