Cody Simpson admits looks are important

'Surfboard' hitmaker Cody Simpson - who is currently dating Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid - admits looks are important.

Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson thinks the music industry is obsessed with looks.

The 18-year-old pop singer - who is currently dating Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid, and is friends with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber - thinks image is everything to modern-day pop stars, but says he's trying to buck the trend.

The Australian star explained: "Now with younger artists, it's very much about your looks and I'm trying to turn that around."

The 'Surfboard' singer even revealed he is considering leaving his face off his next album cover.

He told the Herald Sun newspaper: "I want to not even put my face on my cover artworks so that it's just directed towards the art.

"I still embrace it but I want to broaden myself, I won't deny anything but I'm making steps to broaden it."

However, Simpson is happy to admit that his social media activity has been key to him developing a huge fanbase.

Speaking about his popularity on Twitter, where he has more than seven million followers, he said: "It's awesome to have that kind of platform now

"I'm making a musical transition and starting the next phase of my career so having that audience at my fingertips is a really cool feeling."

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