Colin Farrell's fragrance nostalgia

Colin Farrell feels nostalgic when he catches a whiff of the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor's perfume.

Colin Farrell feels nostalgic when he smells the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor's perfume.

The 38-year-old actor was good pals with the legendary actress - who passed away in March 2011 aged 79 - and admits he finds it unusual when he is going about his day and gets a whiff of the same scent she used to wear.

He said: "My friend Elizabeth Taylor used to wear a particular perfume - I'm not sure what it was - but since she passed away a couple of years ago, I've only smelt it twice, and it's a real head-spinner.

"That's how fragrance works - it inspires some sense of nostalgia, it ignites comfort or familiarity."

Despite being the face of Dolce & Gabbana's Intenso fragrance, the 'In Bruges' actor insists he doesn't know a lot about perfumes.

He told Britain's Glamour magazine: "I'm terrible, I have no knowledge of labels and fragrance names."

While he is well groomed in the advert for the scent, Colin admits he is usually "very low maintenance".

He added: "I do prefer to feel a little less slovenly. I usually work out a bit more - I do yoga and go hiking.

"But my grooming 'routine' mainly involves a tube of toothpaste and most days it stops there. I'm very low maintenance."

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