Courtney Stodden to renew wedding vows

Courtney Stodden will renew her wedding vows to husband Doug Hutchison for their fifth wedding anniversary.

Courtney Stodden to renew wedding vows

Courtney Stodden is to renew her wedding vows to Doug Hutchison.

The 21-year-old reality star has revealed the pair - who reconciled in August 2014 - have finally announced their plans to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary by reaffirming their commitments to one another on their wedding date of June 21.

The blonde beauty said: "Our relationship right now is really, really good. We're really strong and we're very happy. We're getting ready to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and we're absolutely going to renew our vows for our fifth wedding anniversary. So, yeah, we're doing really, really well!"

And as to whether she plans to have children with the 55-year-old actor, she said she's not quite ready to take that step just yet.

She told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Oh boy! I don't know if we're ready for a baby right now. We have two little fur babies, so those are kind of our babies right now. But, you never know!"

Courtney recently opened up about her mother developing feelings for her partner, which caused problems in their relationship.

She previously said: "My mom attempted to craft really inappropriate boundaries that a mother should never cross in her daughter's life and her relationships.

"She really started to fall inappropriately for my husband."

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