Dane Bowers: Katie Price told me she'd overdosed

Dane Bowers has opened up about the moment his ex-girlfriend Katie Price told him she had taken an overdose of pills at his flat in South London.

Dane Bowers
Dane Bowers

Dane Bowers rushed to Katie Price's side when she informed him she had overdosed.

The 35-year-old DJ - who dated the former glamour model from 1998 to 2000 - has opened up about the night he received a "slurred" phone call from Katie telling him she'd "done something stupid" shortly after the pair had broken up.

He said: "We broke up in my car and Katie took it hard.

"She was still staying at my flat in South London, and one evening I got a call from her while I was out.

"Her speech was slurred and she told me she had 'done something stupid' and taken an overdose. My heart dropped.

"I rushed round to find paramedics tending to her and then they took her to hospital and pumped her stomach. She had taken paracetamol and anything she could find."

Dane also discovered the brunette beauty - who spoke for the first time about trying to end her life during an episode of 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this week - had kept from him that she'd had an abortion, shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I went to visit her in the hospital and when I arrived she was clutching a picture of us.

"It was only later that I found out that she had had an abortion too."

Despite their difficult relationship - during which a video of the couple having sex was stolen and released online - the singer insists Katie is still "obsessed" with him and finds her comments about him "embarrassing" after she described Dane as the "love her life" and admitted he had broken her heart while chatting with other housemates on the Channel 5 show.

Dane said of the star - who wed Kieran Hayler in 2013, and has also been married to singer Peter Andre and cage fighter Alex Reid: "She is obsessed. I try to move on but she loves to drag it up by telling everyone on CBB about how I broke her heart 15 years ago.

"She has been married three times but to this day claims I'm the love of her life. It is crazy.

"Our relationship was a car crash in places so there's no need to tell the nation how wonderful it was.

"I still get messages every day about Katie - mostly about the sex tape that went around the world.

"It's embarrassing. I'll never get away from it - or her."

A spokesperson for Katie has denied to comment on the claims.

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