Dave Filoni: David Oyelowo impresses kids with Star Wars role

'Star Wars Rebels' executive producer Dave Filoni says David Oyelowo loves voicing Agent Kallus in the Lucasfilm Animation series because it impresses his kids.

Dave Filoni: David Oyelowo impresses kids with Star Wars role

David Oyelowo impresses his kids with his role in 'Star Wars Rebels', executive producer Dave Filoni has revealed.

The 40-year-old English actor voices the character Agent Kallus - a high-ranking agent of the Imperial Security Bureau - in the Lucasfilm Animation series, which is set between the films 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith' and 'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope' in the chronology of the sci-fi saga.

Filoni says Oyelowo is a huge fan of the franchise and he loves making the show because it has been a "bonding" experience between and his four 'Star Wars' mad kids - whom he has with his actress wife Jessica Oyelowo.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the director shared: "It's great that people like David (Oyelowo) want to come in and be a part of this because they loved 'Star Wars' growing up and David is a big 'Star Wars' fan! I saw him just the other day. He just loves being part of it; his kids love it, I think it's just a real fun bonding thing for them. You know, 'Star Wars' - even when it gets dark it comes back to the light - it makes you feel good. I think families enjoying watching it and sharing in it. It's just fantastic to have David, what a great thing for the series."

Filoni - who was also responsible for creating the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' series - has learned a lot from working with 'Selma' actor Oyelowo as well as the other stars who voice characters on his show, such as Freddie Prinze, Jr. and his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Isaacs, Vanessa Marshall and Brent Spiner.

The 41-year-old animation expert says he is approached by lots of other famous actors for guest roles in 'Star Wars Rebels' - which will return for a third series in the coming months - and he is flattered that so many people enjoy his creation.

He said: "As the director to have the opportunity to work with actors of the calibre of David Oyelowo is just fantastic and special. I've learned a lot from him as we've created his character around his performances.

"I get approached by some big names asking for voice roles. It's always exciting and very flattering that they want to be a part of 'Rebels' and want to vocalise it. I can't say who! You have to wait if they become part of the show and then I'll announce it. But I find you have to keep that in the back of your head, you have to continue with the story that you're making and then if an opportunity arises for you to find a place to cast them then you can. I don't go out of my way to create a character just for that person because it wouldn't be true to the story I'm trying to tell.

"We have had a lot of exciting people want to be a part of it and have already come on and I think it will continue because 'Star Wars' is everywhere now. There's a lot of opportunities for creative people to be part of this galaxy. It's a unique thing for people to always be asking you. 'Star Wars' is just a special story."

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