David Bautista promises Spectre success

David Bautista thinks the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise, 'Spectre', is "one thousand times" better than its prequel, 'Skyfall'.

David Bautista promises Spectre success

David Bautista has promised 'Spectre' will be "one thousand times" better than 'Skyfall'.

The 46-year-old actor - who stars in the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise - was reunited with the Jaguar and Land Rover stunt vehicles used in the making of the film as the cars made their international debut in Frankfurt, Germany and revealed the car chase scenes in the forthcoming movie will be "special".

He said: "I have to say that all car chase scenes aren't created equal. I think this one in particular is going to be very special. You can expect 'Skyfall' times one thousand ...

"I think every young boy who grew up watching the Bond movies dreams of being a Bond Villain and getting to drive amazing cars in a chase scene. The C-X75 is an incredible supercar. Driving one of the fastest vehicles in the world through empty Rome streets in the dead of night was a very special experience."

And fellow Bond star Naomie Harris also revealed she appreciates the "ruggedness" of the cars, something which she believes fits perfectly with the lead character.

She added: "There's a kind of ruggedness about the car which really fits with Bond that you can imagine someone taking an adventure, like the way that I did in the Defender in 'Skyfall' in the opening sequence. I was out in all terrain and you felt as though it was it was the perfect car for that ...

"My debut in a Bond film was in the Defender in one of the film's most spectacular chase scenes. 'Spectre' has provided me with my second experience with a Land Rover on set but you'll have to watch the film to see how that works out."

Jaguar and Land Rover will release exclusive and interactive behind-the-scenes Spectre car chase content and footage from the filming in Austria on www.jaguar.com and www.landrover.com.

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