David Hasselhoff charged by bull elephant

David Hasselhoff has revealed he was once charged by a bull elephant when he was on safari in Kenya.

David Hasselhoff charged by bull elephant

David Hasselhoff had a lucky escape when he was charged by a bull elephant.

The former 'Baywatch' star was on safari in Kenya when the huge animal decided he wasn't enjoying the attention of 'The Hoff' and his party and made the show of strength, but fortunately the beast held back from launching a full-on attack.

In a feature for Us Weekly magazine entitled '25 Things You Don't Know About Me', he revealed: "I was once charged by a bull elephant in Kenya."

The African nightmare isn't the only time Hasselhoff has had a frightening animal experience.

The 63-year-old actor was once left terrified when riding a camel in Morocco and the creature got the hump and decided to ignore his instructions.

He added: "I got caught on a runaway camel in Morocco with my stunt double. It makes us laugh to this day."

Hasselhoff has also got his hands on a giant anaconda snake - one of the world's largest, and most dangerous, reptile species.

The one-time 'Knight Rider' star said: "I've held a 27-foot-long anaconda snake."

Hasselhoff - who is in a relationship with Welsh model Hayley Roberts - is a daredevil away from the screen and the recording studio.

He once dived 80 feet down at Truk Lagoon, which is a sheltered body of water in the central Pacific located about 1800 km north-east of New Guinea and he almost never made it back to land.

Hasselhoff said: "I ran out of air while diving at Truk Lagoon at 80 feet."

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