DJ Zedd 'always happy to help; Kesha

DJ Zedd says he is "always happy to help" Kesha and has been in touch with her team about working on new music together.

DJ Zedd 'always happy to help; Kesha

DJ Zedd is "very serious" about producing songs for Kesha.

The DJ tweeted the 'Tik Tok' hitmaker - who a court recently ruled cannot be released from her contract with producer Dr. Luke, despite her claims he sexually assaulted her - offering to work on new music and said he has since been in touch with her team.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "I just read an article about [the case], literally right before I made the tweet because I didn't know her personally. I thought sending a tweet was kind of the best way to get in touch with her.

"The only thing I can really do to help is produce songs and that's what I offered.

"Her team actually hit us back confirming that I was serious about it, which is really cool. I'm obviously very serious about it, so maybe something will happen. Maybe there's something I can do. Maybe we can do some music. Nothing I can say right now, but it would be cool."

"All I know is that she's in a very rough position and if there's anything I can ever do to help I'll always be happy to do that."

The verdict sparked an outpouring of support for Kesha from stars including Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Lily Allen, while Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to the star.

Dr. Luke has denied the allegations against him.

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