Dolly Parton: I'm not a natural beauty

Dolly Parton tells it how it is when it comes to the work she's had done on her body over the years and admitted she's no "natural beauty".

Dolly Parton: I'm not a natural beauty

Dolly Parton accepts she's not a "natural beauty".

The '9 to 5' hitmaker - who is gearing up for a 60-date tour in support of her new double album 'Pure & Simple With Dolly's Biggest Hits' - joked there is nothing pure about her signature look and her only "real" feature is her heart.

Asked how she maintains her looks, the 70-year-old country music legend admitted: "Doctors! Good doctors. Good lighting. I really don't! All of my stuff is painted on. The only thing real about me is my heart!"

In her life, Dolly has undergone several procedures, including multiple breast enlargement operations and little "nips and tucks" elsewhere.

The buxom blonde - who has been happily married for over 50 years to husband Carl Dean - also promised that her tour will be very stripped back and she's excited that at her age she is fit and well enough to go on an "extensive" run of shows.

In an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight Canada', she said: "I just think it's great at this age, I'm just excited about going out ... I call my new show, the one I'm bringing to Canada, it's called 'Dolly Pure & Simple' and it's really scaled down as far as the music. And we really don't have any big effects and any of the videos ... I have not done an extensive tour even in the United States or in Canada for like 25 years. Just a few things here and there. With this I'll be working through from June to December."

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