Duchess Catherine note amazes girl, 5

Duchess Catherine left a five-year-old girl "amazed" when she sent her a note after the youngster had written her a letter explaining she portrayed her in her school play.

Duchess Catherine
Duchess Catherine

A five-year-old girl was left "amazed" when she received a letter from Duchess Catherine after portraying the royal in her school play.

Scarlett Gillis sent a note to the duchess after playing her in school production 'A Tale of Two Birthdays' at her school in Manchester, north west England, as well as pictures of her in costume, and the youngster was shocked to receive a response from the 33-year-old royal praising her.

The royal mail read: "It was most kind of you to enclose the photographs of yourself wearing your wonderful red dress for her to see.

"She was interested to learn that you played the part of her in your school play.

"The Duchess of Cambridge hopes that you had a most enjoyable time."

A shocked Scarlett admitted she was "really happy" to receive a response from the duchess - who has 18-month-old son Prince George with husband Prince William - as well as a picture of the royal.

She is quoted by the Daily Express newspaper as saying: "I was amazed, I didn't really think she would have time to reply to all those letters, but I was really happy and glad when I saw the letter and photograph of her she'd attached.

"I thought she was beautiful."

Scarlett addressed the duchess - known as Kate Middleton before her wedding to William - as "your royal highness" in her note and admitted she is longing for the day when the pregnant royal becomes queen.

She wrote: "My name is Scarlett and I am 5 years old. My school is called St Bedes. In my nativity I played you. I got a new red dress just like yours. I hope you like the picture of me.

"I can't wait for you to be queen. I think you are lovely, yours sincerely, Scarlett xxxx. (sic)"

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