Duchess Catherine's tears for mothers

Britain's Duchess Catherine couldn't hide her emotion yesterday (18.02.15) as she got teary while talking to mothers who struggle with serious illness and domestic violence while bringing up their kids.

Duchess Catherine
Duchess Catherine

Britain's Duchess Catherine was in tears yesterday (18.02.15) while speaking to mothers who struggle with serious illness while bringing up their children.

The 33-year-old royal - who has 17-month-old son Prince George with husband Prince William and is currently seven-months pregnant with their second child - got emotional when hearing from mum Michelle Griffiths, who suffers from a rare heart condition and is cared for by her 13-year-older daughter.

Speaking to the 33-year-old woman - who has "died" six times after suffering heart attacks but has been brought back to life on each occasion - the Duchess of Cambridge said: "You've brought a tear to my eye."

Melanie explained: "I was telling her that sometimes I feel like I have stolen my daughter's childhood but she doesn't see it like that.

"She got choked up and I had to give her a tissue."

The duchess also heard other mothers talk about their struggles to bring up their children while dealing with domestic violence, as well as other issues, during a visit to charity Action for Children - a charity which speaks out and supports the vulnerable kids in the UK - in Smethwick, central England.

Catherine had some fun with the children by doing some actions to kids songs they were listening to including 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and 'Row, Row Row Your Boat', and she joked her son George would've loved to have played with the little ones.

She said: "I should have brought George. He would have loved this."

But the brunette doesn't think the young royal would've been quite as well behaved as the kids at the Cape Hill Children's Centre.

Speaking to 26-year-old mother Claire Dandy, she said: "I can't imagine George would have been so good."

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