Eddie Redmayne loves marriage

Eddie Redmayne feels very "lucky" to be married and says tying the knot has made him feel more "settled".

Eddie Redmayne loves marriage

Eddie Redmayne loves being married.

The 'Danish Girl' actor feels incredibly lucky to have tied the knot with his longterm girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe in December 2014 and believes becoming husband and wife has put some stability into his life.

He explained to Britain's Glamour magazine: "I love being married. I feel so settled in my skin, so lucky to have the most wonderful, supportive, wife. I'm an ordered person, I need structure, and yet everything about what I do is the opposite. You have no control, you're subject to everyone else's chaos. I sometimes wonder if something is continuously forcing me out of my comfort zone.

And, although the couple have been wed for almost 12 months, he recently admitted they're still very much in the honeymoon period of their marriage.

Asked if they're still in the honeymoon phase, Eddie smiled and said: "Yeah, very much so."

Though it is the couple's anniversary in just two weeks time, the 33-year-old actor admitted he still hasn't decided how to mark the occasion, and is perplexed by the notion that a paper-based gift is traditionally given on the first anniversary.

He said previously: "Isn't there a whole sequence of things you're meant to do? What do you do with paper? Origami? Some really intense origami?"

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