Eddie Redmayne takes flask of tea everywhere

Eddie Redmayne carries a flask of tea on set with him so he can offer it to his castmates.

Eddie Redmayne takes flask of tea everywhere

Eddie Redmayne takes a flask of tea wherever he goes.

The 'Danish Girl' actor was always happy to offer his beloved beverage to his co-stars on the set of the movie, and won over Matthias Schoenaerts with his "generous and funny" ways.

Matthias said: "During 'The Danish Girl', Eddie carried a tea flask on set - he always had it with hi and kept offering me cups of tea. He's very warm and I loved working with him, partly because he's super generous and funny.

"He's a very elegant person and b that I mean he's very elegant in his spirit and his thoughts."

Belgian actor Matthias also enjoyed working with "badass and brutal" Tom Hardy on 'The Drop', in which they played love rivals.

He told Closer magazine: "Tom is a badass actor in the purest sense of the word. He's inspiring to work with. He's very committed, very imaginative, very sensitive and at the same time very brutal. I don't mean that in a violent way, I mean it in the sense that he's very authentic in his expression.

"That's what I like about Tom; he's direct, there's no filter. I love that about people because then the energy is electric when you work together. You either vibe with someone or you don't."

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