Ellen Page praises awesome girlfriend

Ellen Page thinks her girlfriend Samantha Thomas is "awesome" and says their relationship is "the best".

Ellen Page praises awesome girlfriend

Ellen Page thinks her girlfriend is "awesome".

The 28-year-old actress was disappointed artist Samantha Thomas couldn't be by her side at the Sundance Film Festival for the premiere of her latest movie 'Tallulah' but things couldn't be better between the couple.

Ellen said: "She's home working. I wish she could be here.

"She's awesome and we have so much fun together.

"We love each other and support each other. It's the best."

In 'Tallulah', Ellen plays a drifter who kidnaps a baby because she doesn't think the tot's drunken mother is capable of looking after her, and found it very "special" working with a 15-month-old child, albeit unpredictable.

She told E! News: "Honestly, it's one of the most special acting experiences I've ever had.

"Needless to say, but it presented a new challenge because your first thought is, 'This baby needs to be OK, it needs to be safe.'

"I want the parents to feel OK and acting is a little bit secondary to that.

"You could never predict what your little co-star is going to do. That forces you to be so, so, so present and so open. I just felt connected to her."

However, Ellen insists filming with the baby hasn't made her broody.

She added: "You know, it's funny. I had such little baby experience that I told [director Sian Heder], 'Oh, I'm worried. I don't really know.'

"But then we kind of bonded really quickly and it was special. [But] do I want to have a baby tomorrow? I don't think so."

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