Emily Ratajkowski: 'Sexual' women can be feminists

Emily Ratajkowski claims that just because she shows off her figure and is seen as "sexual" doesn't mean she can't also be a feminist.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski insists "sexual" women can still be feminists.

The 'Gone Girl' actress - who appeared half naked in the music video to Robin Thicke's controversial hit single 'Blurred Lines' - claims that just because she's comfortable in her own skin doesn't mean she can't be "empowered".

She said: "I think you can be a sexual woman, empowered and be a feminist. I think sexuality should be empowering to women, it's not always misogynistic or exploitative."

The 23-year-old beauty - who is in the running to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's swimsuit issue - admits she almost turned down the 'Blurred Lines' job but saw it as a "good opportunity".

She told MailOnline: "I had initially turned it down. I was eventually convinced by the director, who I really liked, to do it. It was kind of a good opportunity for me in a way because I couldn't really speak about the lyrics as I didn't write them, but I could about the video.

"I had all kinds of ideas to say so it ended up being a good platform, because on the other side I think people were like, 'Well let's hear what the girls think.' "

The brunette stunner insists she's now being "selective" with roles as she pursues more acting jobs and claims it is not only women who are objectified but male actors also.

She said: "I want to establish myself as someone who can act and doesn't have to rely on my figure or modelling background."

Speaking about her 'We Are Your Friends' co-star Zac Efron, she added that he "would tell you he has to take his shirt off a lot".

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