Family brings snowman home

A devoted dad has driven an hour to bring a snowman his children made back to the family home.

Family brings snowman home
Family brings snowman home

A dad has brought a snowman back home.

The Reynolds family had taken a trip to the North York Moors where the four children - Kacey, Heidi, Maisy and Erin - built Snowy but were forced to leave the creation at the park, the Daily Mirror reports.

However, after some persuasion by his children, Nick Reynolds drove back to collect the ice sculpture and bring it back to their house in Poppleton, Yorkshire, northeastern England.

Mum Joanne said: "We could not believe the response. People have been coming taking photographs...

"We have just had comments galore. It's just brought a lot of joy to Poppleton. There are lots of school children that go past and they just stop and stare."

The snowman has pride of place on their drive.

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