Felicity Jones reveals Stephen Hawking invited her to a nightclub

Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones has revealed she was invited to a nightclub by Stephen Hawking.

Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones was invited to a nightclub by Stephen Hawking.

The 31-year-old actress - who stars as Stephen's first wife, Jane Wilde Hawking, in 'The Theory of Everything' - admits she's been charmed by the world renowned theoretical physicist.

She shared: "He has such a dry sense of humour... He has a real rockstar energy... He had seen a screening of the film... and afterwards he was like 'Can we go to to a nightclub? Let's go out and party!' which I love!"

Felicity also revealed how she learned she'd been handed a Best Actress nomination for her part in the film, which also stars Eddie Redmayne.

She told 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "You are told you'll get a phone call at 5.30am. I just thought I'll sleep through it, I wasn't really expecting a nomination... I thought, 'it's fine, I'll wake up at 10am and it'll all have happened and I'll probably be commiserating... so I can just spend the day in bed'.

"But then I woke up at about 4am, just sprung up... So I just nervously waited then I got a phone call saying I'd been nominated."

Asked how she felt when she received the news, Felicity said: "There were no words. There was just lots of hyperventilating and exclamations and screaming and jumping around in my pyjamas!"

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