Frankie Bridge was too sick to move

Frankie Bridge has suffered so badly with morning sickness, she worried she was going to vomit every time she moved.

Frankie Bridge
Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge felt she was going to vomit every time she "moved her eyes" during her worst bouts of morning sickness.

The 26-year-old singer - who has 17-month-old son Parker with husband Wayne Bridge - has been so ill during her second pregnancy that she couldn't even look in a different direction without feeling nauseous, and she had to simply lie on the floor and not move during the toughest times.

The raven-haired star - who is 15 weeks pregnant - said: "It kicked in when I was about seven weeks, and that first bout of sickness was the worst.

"It's probably the worst I've ever felt. I used to have a phobia of being sick and I was sick so many times that now it doesn't scare me.

"That feeling of nausea, I've never felt anything as strong as that in my life. Even to move my eyes made me feel sick.

"I somehow ended up lying on the floor with a bowl and I just couldn't move."

Frankie's sickness got so bad that she wasn't even well enough to go to hospital to be put on a drip.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "They wanted me to go to hospital at one point and I refused because there was no way I could get in a car. I couldn't even get off the floor."

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