Gabrielle Union promises 'very sexy' Being Mary Jane series 2

Gabrielle Union has promised fans of 'Being Mary Jane' they can expect her titular character to have three love interests in the new series which will lead to some "very juicy and very sexy" scenes.

Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union insists Being Mary Jane's second series will be "very juicy and very sexy".

The 42-year-old actress portrays the titular TV news anchor in the BET drama series and has promised fans they can expect to see a triple threat of love interests for her alter-ego in the upcoming new season, which will lead to some steamy scenes.

She said: "There are three love interests this season. It's very juicy and very sexy; one a little younger, one a little older and one just her size, like Goldilocks!"

As well as the character's busy love life, the raven-haired stunner also revealed there will be plenty of work-based drama in the second series and some havoc in Mary Jane's family life.

She added: "This season you find Mary Jane with a lot of work drama, a lot of change over at [fictional network] Talk Back, a lot of new opportunities come her way that she may or may not be ready to handle.

"You see her family life sort of having a bit of upheaval. We've got Niecy her niece; second child, second baby father, no education, no job. Of course that becomes Mary Jane's headache."

'Being Mary Jane' Series 2 starts tonight at 10pm on BET - Sky 187 / Virgin 184 / FREESAT 140 - in the UK.

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