Gillian Anderson: I don't share personal pictures

Gillian Anderson won't be sharing pictures of her "porridge, children or buttocks" on Twitter anytime soon.

Gillian Anderson: I don't share personal pictures

Gillian Anderson isn't ready to share pictures of her buttocks on Twitter.

The 47-year-old actress is a relatively recent addition to the social networking world.

While she understands the appeal of posting pictures, there are certain limits Gillian won't push past.

She explained: "I don't tend to share personal photos (I'm not on Instagram, so I haven't really taken a serious leap into that world). I did start tweeting more when we began filming the new 'X-Files' series.

"Fans old and new showed their appreciation for those tidbits of insider information. I get that. And I get the desire to be included in something outside of one's own experience. But I'm still not ready to share pictures of my porridge, children, or buttocks."

Gillian was speaking as part of a chat on knowledge sharing network Quora, where she opened up about another aspect of her life that many people don't know about.

She continued: "I really enjoy architecture and interior design. I wouldn't want to do it for a living or really even create a space for anyone but myself, but I do tend to get a bit obsessed with floor plans and well, houses. We generally move every five years. I get bored or I see a house that I can't not take on as a project and I work on it for a year and then I sell the one we are in and either break even or (woo hoo!) make a bit of a profit and we move.

"After we move and it's been the predictable nightmare of extended deadlines and costs, I say 'never again!' And then four or five years later, I fall in love again. Friends and family have come to accept that this is simply something I do."

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