Gordon Ramsay embarrassed by daughter

Gordon Ramsay was left embarrassed when his daughter Matilda claimed he likes to "run around naked".

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's daughter claims the chef "likes to run around naked" in their house.

The outspoken chef was left red-faced when 12-year-old Matilda revealed his embarrassing habit when she made a cameo appearance on US TV show 'Masterchef Junior'.

Asked by Gordon's fellow judges Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich if her dad ever embarrasses her, she said: "Yeah! He loves to run around naked."

As Gordon - who also has daughter Megan, 16, and twins Jack and Holly, 14, with wife Tana - hung his head, his daughter backtracked and insisted: "I'm kidding."

The 48-year-old chef tried to get his own back by trying to set Matilda up on a date with 12-year-old contestant Michael, who enthusiastically agreed.

However, his daughter insisted she wouldn't romance someone of her father's profession because she thinks he is a "nutter".

She said: "If you think I'm going to marry a chef, you've got another thing coming! Why not? Because you're a nutter."

While she might not want to marry a chef, Matilda has her own eye on a culinary career and has impressed her dad with her efforts on her new cooking programme 'Tillywood'.

Gordon previously said: "It was just fascinating watching her, saying, 'Dad's food is posh, but my food is real food.' and showing this to her friends.

"She has all the makings of a great chef. If you had put me in front of a camera at age 12, even then, I would have told you to f**k off."

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