Grandfather poses on Tinder as younger man

Joe, an 89-year-old married grandfather from America, posed as a 21-year-old hunk on Tinder to help his grandson find a date.

Grandfather posed on Tinder
Grandfather posed on Tinder

An 89-year-old married grandfather posed as a 21-year-old hunk on Tinder.

The American man, who is known simply as Joe, secured the dates with attractive younger women after posing with the help of his grandson Ethan.

A video clip of the prank has been posted on YouTube and sees Joe ask his unsuspecting dates: "I'm shocking you am I?"

Following some awkward small-talk, Ethan enters the restaurant to apologise to the women, in the hope they will eventually agree to go on a date with him instead.

However, the majority of the women leave looking very confused.

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