Gwyneth: 'Chris and I are a true family'

Gwyneth Paltrow says her ex-husband Chris Martin is like a brother and they and their children are a "true family".

Gwyneth: 'Chris and I are a true family'

Gwyneth Paltrow says she, her ex-husband Chris Martin and their children are a "true family".

Chris and Gwyneth split in 2014 after almost 10 years of marriage but have remained so close for the sake of their kids, Apple, 11 and nine-year-old Moses, that the 43-year-old actress says they are now more like siblings.

Speaking about Chris, 39, she said: "He's like my brother. I'm really close to him. We're a family. Even though we're not in a romantic relationship, we're a true family and we like to do things to reinforce that we're a family for the children [and] for each other.

"[The split] was a very intense time for our family. Emotions were very high and deep and all over the place. I just try to keep to myself as much as possible."

Meanwhile, the entire family cheered Chris on when he performed with Coldplay during the half-time show at Super Bowl 50 last month but Gwyneth admitted she worries about keeping the kids grounded when they have such incredible experiences.

She told the 'Today' show: "They were thrilled. They were very proud. It's pretty incredible. It's also a little weird that your first football game is that, so how do you also counteract that and instill that life is not that all the time?"

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