Hank Baskett's 'hellish' relationship

Hank Baskett has claimed his relationship with Kendra Wilkinson is "hell".

Hank Baskett's 'hellish' relationship

Hank Baskett claims his relationship with Kendra Wilkinson is "hell".

The former NFL player blasted his wife during a row, admitting he finds it hard to stay positive when she constantly tells him they're over for good.

He told her: "I've been through hell. How do you think it honestly makes me feel when you sit there and tell me repeatedly that you don't want to be married to me anymore?

"I'm doing everything I can to pick up the pieces and fight for our marriage."

However, the 30-year-old television personality later acknowledges how unhappy he is, admitting she's "never seen Hank like" it.

Speaking on an episode of 'Kendra On Top', she said: "He's just not happy with me right now. He's so p***ed at me right now. I've never seen Hank like this."

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed that Kendra wants to divorce her husband, with whom she has Hank Jr., five, and 17-month-old Alijah.

They said: "Kendra told Hank she wants a divorce because she can't stand to look at him anymore. She's going to leave him. Kendra is done.

"Kendra rants every day on the set of her show about how she hates Hank and how desperate she is to get rid of him."

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