Jack Whitehall to star in 'Mother's Day' with Jennifer Aniston.

Jack Whitehall will play the lead in 'Mother's Day' alongside Hollywood royalty Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Anniston.

Jack Whitehall to star in 'Mother's Day' with Jennifer Aniston.

Jack Whitehall has landed a lead role in 'Mother's Day'.

The 27-year-old British comedian - known for his posh accent and quick witt - has bagged his second big movie role opposite Julia Roberts, 47 and Jennifer Aniston, 47, in director Garry Marshall's latest romantic-comedy.

He told The Sun newspaper: "To be working with such great people will be exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure, but director Garry Marshall is a Hollywood legend so I couldn't be in better hands.

Slated for release in 2016, Jack's character is a young father from Atlanta and the heavily female cast - which includes Kate Hudson, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Connolly - will tell the tale of a group of mothers ahead of the inaugral celebration.

Meanwhile, the 'Bad Education' actor - whose TV series got made into a film - says he likes to push the boundaries of comedy and recalled a scene from his latest release that shows just how far he is willing to go.

He said: "You can push boundaries a little bit more when you are doing a film. There are no taste and decency barriers.

"We had three swans there - a real swan, a puppet swan and a swan's head on a stick. They are f*****g terrifying, swans. They have that aloofness cats have where they can be quite judgmental."

"As I was waddling towards it with a prosthetic set of testicles hanging out of my trousers, I caught a glimpse of the swan and it certainly seemed to be judging me in that moment. It was asking me if I was better than this. I don't think I necessarily am."

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