Jade Thirlwall's chocolate cupboard

Jade Thirlwall and Danielle Peazer hid their chocolate up high so they wouldn't be tempted - but now keep a ladder nearby for easy access to their sweet treats.

Jade Thirlwall's chocolate cupboard

Jade Thirlwall has a "chocolate cupboard".

The Little Mix singer shares a house with dancer Danielle Peazer and the pair hid their sweet treats up high in a bit to stay healthy but now keep a ladder nearby for easy access to their calorific snacks.

Danielle said: "We've got a chocolate cupboard. We keep saying that we're going to be eating really healthily because obviously she's going on tour and she wants to maintain a healthy diet.

"So our chocolate cupboard is like, the top of the cupboard so we have to get a little ladder [to reach it] but now we've realised that we can just keep the step ladder where the chocolate cupboard is."

Despite their glamorous careers, Danielle - who previously dated One Direction hunk Liam Payne - insists she and Jade lead very low-key lives when they're not working.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "She's barely there because she's working so much but it's nice when we're both there because she'll cook for me or I'll cook for her and we kind of look after each other and catch up on life.

"It's a really easy environment to live in.

"We barely have parties actually, it's really not as glamorous or party-vibe as what people think.

"We literally sit there in our onesies, watching 'Big Brother' making cups of tea."

The 27-year-old professional dancer has teamed up with Young and Gifted to create three scents and three eye-shadow pallets for her Peace, Love & Happiness range.

Peace, Love & Happiness will be available in all The Fragrance Shop stores from February 5.

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