Jake Gyllenhaal responds to Amy Schumer's cake video

Jake Gyllenhaal addressed Amy Schumer's drunken cake fantasy video where she thought the hunk 'Everest' star was her boyfriend.

Jake Gyllenhaal responds to Amy Schumer's cake video

Jake Gyllenhaal has poked fun at Amy Schumer for eating his birthday cake.

The 'Trainwreck' star recently admitted she came across the 34-year-old actor's sugary treat in the freezer when she was renting his home and ate it while drunk, imagining she was at a party and Jake was her boyfriend.

And now Jake has responded and pretended to eat a cake belonging to Amy.

Served a huge piece of cake which had 'Happy Birthday Princess' written on it by talk show host Stephen Colbert, Jake was asked if he had a message for the comic.

Taking a bite out of the dessert, he said: "Hey, princess, What's going on?"

Amy appeared on the same show last week when she made her cake confession.

She said: "He left a frozen cake in his freezer. It was very old, it was not edible ... I would get drunk, and I would eat it, and I would talk as if he was there and I was at the party the cake was served at."

The comedienne went on to show home footage of herself biting into the sizeable cake while saying: "It says 'happy birthday' ... because it was your birthday. You're a supermodel and you're dating Jake Gyllenhaal."

The blonde beauty also admitted to rummaging through Jake's personal possessions, but he didn't address it.

She said: "I went through all of Jake's stuff, of course I did. Everything!"

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