James Corden's Twitter ban

James Corden has admitted he rarely goes on Twitter or Googles himself because he doesn't want to know, or care, what people think about him.

James Corden
James Corden

James Corden doesn't mind if people don't like him.

The 'Into The Woods' star never Googles himself and avoids checking Twitter because he doesn't want to subject himself to the "poison" of some people's opinions.

He said: "You have to take all the negative stuff with a bag of salt... What anyone else thinks of me isn't any of my business... I hardly check Twitter and I pretty much never look at that stuff. The worst thing I could do at this moment in my career is start Googling myself or searching for stuff because if you look long enough, you will always eventually find something horrible.

"You just can't live your life like that... The good stuff is like water off a duck's back and the bad stuff you just hang on to and that's poison basically. It's madness. It's completely fine for people not to like you - for me, the worst thing you can be is vanilla."

The 36-year-old actor and television presenter isn't worried by the negative feedback about his new job at the helm of US talk show 'The Late Late Show' and insists he doesn't want to appeal to everyone.

He added to the Daily Mirror: "I don't know who these people are and they don't know me. They don't see me at home or with my friends, and for all I know they might the worst people on the planet and I might, if I met some of them, be thrilled that they don't like me.

"There are some people I really don't particularly want to appeal to... like murderers."

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