James Corden stunned by show reaction

James Corden is "gobsmacked" by the positive reaction to his first few weeks as host of 'The Late, Late Show'.

James Corden is "gobsmacked" by the reaction to 'The Late, Late Show'.

The 36-year-old presenter took over as host of the US talk show in March and never expected to win so much praise so quickly.

He said: "I was so braced for the show to be torn apart that I'm gobsmacked by how quickly people have taken to it.

"And it's amazing to be able to sit with people like Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell and just be in their orbit for a bit."

And James is pleased that all of his famous guests have been down-to-earth and likeable.

He said: "No one has turned up with an entourage yet. Mila Kunis showed up with three people - her make-up artist, stylist and assistant, which seems fair enough.

"Mariah Carey was fantastic [when she did carpool karaoke]. With someone like her, who is such a megastar, you almost forget she's human and we really showed the human side of her. It was so much fun."

James - who has son Max, four, and daughter Carey, six months, with wife Julia - is enjoying life in Los Angeles but still feels like he's on holiday.

He told heat magazine: "It still feels like I'm on holiday here. In no way have I taken on board that this is my job - I still haven't really adjusted to the fact that this is where I live now.

"But it turns out it's a really lovely place to be with the kids.

"The main thing is I miss my wider circle of family and friends. But at least I have a good supply of marmite."

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