Jennifer Lopez feels sexier than ever before

Jennifer Lopez feels sexier than ever before following her break-up from ex-husband Marc Anthony, and is "working on" making herself happy again for the sake of her six-year-old twins.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez feels sexier than ever before.

The 45-year-old singer - who has six-year-old twins Maximilian and Emme - is feeling attractive again following her split from the children's father, producer Marc Anthony, after a ten-year marriage, and believes women become hotter as they get older.

She explained: "I think I always felt sexy. More so now. I feel more like myself and I just know myself better.

"I think in the past, the thought was your 20s are when you are at your best and after that it's downhill. Now women are realising that we are at our best as we get older. We are attractive and we are more interesting and we are more self-assured than we were 10 years before, and there's something sexy and attractive about that to all men."

Although she is feeling more confident in her appearance following the finalisation of her divorce last June, the 'On the Floor' hitmaker admitted she still needs to work on being happy for the sake of her kids.

She told the Sunday Mirror's Notebook magazine: "I've just started working on myself. Maybe it's having kids and wanting to be great for them, to set a good example and wanting to teach them the right things.

"That and my divorce have helped me in growing and realising things about myself - like life is hard and s*** happens. It gets bad sometimes, but you are going to dance again. We can all succumb to depression or become bitter. Or you can become better. I prefer better to bitter."

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